Let’s get Corny ! Snack Attack

Steamed corn and veggies

Corny Corn 😉

Han•gry is A state of anger caused by lack of food 🙂

Sharing easy, instant, healthy and colorful Snack Recipe to curb those between the meals hunger pangs.

Steamed Corn and Veggies!

A perfect and delicious snack made with sweet corn and veggies.

2 sweet corn
1 head of Broccoli, chopped
Green, yellow or red Capsicum/ Bell pepper chopped
2 tablespoon Sweet Chilli sauce
1 tablespoon olive oil
Few cracked Pepper
Salt according to taste

How to do it :


All you need to do is boil water in a pot, Add 2 inches water to a deep pot. Add little salt to it. Place a steamer basket inside the pot and steam the corn for 5 to 10 minutes. Some people like to have a bit of butter on their corn. I like to eat corn on a cob without anything added on top.

Cover pot and cook corn cobs over boiling water in the steamer insert. The corn cobs should be a deep yellow. Check every couple minutes to make sure there is still water in the pan. If the water cooks away, add another cup.
The corn should be tender when it’s done.
Turn off the burner and carefully remove the corn with tongs.  
Place the corn on a plate,Add pepper to taste.

Steamed Veggies :

Add healthy veggies

Heat olive oil in a large skillet; When the oil gets warm, Add Broccoli, chopped Green bell pepper, red/yellow bell pepper; sweet Chilli sauce. Continue to cook and stir until tender, about 5 minutes more.
Season with salt, cracked pepper. Sprinkle with lil herbs of your choice.
Plate cooked Veggies with the steamed corn and eat it away.

Snack Attack !

Why Eat corn ??

Corn is nutritious, providing fiber, which aids in digestion, has iron, phosphorus, vitamin C and magnesium.
Corn is rich in Fiber,protein,vitamin A.

Thanks to its cereal health benefits, Corn is ideal and best snack option.

Happy Snacking 🙂 🙂

Cheers !
J ♥


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