Water Your Body! Detox to Retox

Hey there!

Being a fitness fanatic, I experiment with numerous things to follow a healthy lifestyle. And if something works I love to share it with friends and the loved ones.

Today I am going to write about something which I have been following since few days and loving it 🙂

Detox Water!

When you want to flush toxins out of your system, there is no better way than drinking lots of water. We have heard it countless times that drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily is so important.

But what if you are lazy like me to follow this ritual or forget to take that precious sip from the bottle lying on your desk at work or what if you don’t like the plain taste of water and find it boring.

I am probably worst water drinker as I drink only when I am thirsty or when my throat feels dry.
I decided to change boring into something interesting so that I get used to drinking enough water and also love every sip of it.

That’s when I discovered by adding few ingredients from your kitchen you can make detox water that not only tastes amazing but also has tons of health benefits.

Fruit infused water or also famously known as Detox Water is easiest and cheapest way to lose weight !

Drink water, Stay Hydrated

Benefits of Detox Water !

Apart from the fact that it tastes excellent and unlike soda it has no calories.

It has loads of health benefits. Check out few health benefits listed below:

1) It contains Vitamins, Nutrients and Antioxidants
2) Helps to have Healthy, Hydrated and plump skin
3) Eliminates the harmful toxins and cleanses system
4) Helps in proper digestion
5) Boosts Energy
6) Fills you up so that you don’t over eat
7) Helps in weight loss
8) Helps to prevent urinary tract infection/ Kidney stones
9) Refreshing, Healthy and Hydrating
10) Prevents Acne

How to Make Detox Water:

It’s so easy that even kids can make it or shall I say `It’s so easy even a caveman can do it’ 😉

All you have to do is take a large water pitcher or a bottle. Add Fresh water, Mix fruits, Veggies or herb of your choice and let it sit for about 2-3 hours in your refrigerator. Let the fruits soak in water to allow the flavors to come out of it.
And voila! Your favorite detox water is ready to drink; it’s delicious, refreshing and so healthy.

There are almost hundreds of ways to create healthy fruit infused water, sharing few of my favorite recipes.

Easy Recipes for Detox Water:

1) Sliced Apple, Cinnamon sticks, Water

Apple and Cinnamon Detox Water

This one is my absolute favorite.
Apple is wonder food and we all know that an apple a day keeps doctor away.

This detox drink boosts energy, has zero calories & is best way to shed those extra pounds.

Good old Cinnamon has surprisingly amazing health benefits than you can think of. Cinnamon is full of minerals,  helps in weight loss, helps in regulating blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol and prevents heart diseases.

2) Mint, Lemon, Cucumber, Water

Cucumber, Water melon, mint detox water

Cucumber has cooling effect, contains  mineral  which helps in slowing the aging process, while adding just the right amount of moisture to your skin so it doesn’t become overly oily or dry. Cucumbers are good for sun damaged skin too.

Watermelon helps to flush out the harmful toxins, keeps you hydrated and boosts your liver.

Mint is packed with vitamins and minerals. It is soothing and calms the skin.

3) Raspberry, Strawberry, BlackBerry, Water ( All Berries)

All Berries detox water

Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are packed with antioxidants which is awesome for skin and overall glow. Berries prevent and repair premature aging of the skin and makes you look younger. Vitamins like Vitamin B5, B6, C, E, and K are found in berries. All these vitamins restore the skin’s texture and elasticity.

4) Lemon, lime, orange, Water

Citrus Detox water

All Citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C which is best for your skin. It gives instant energy.
Lemons are also full of Antioxidants that provides nourishment to your body and skin and removes toxins. It also helps to prevent the acne.
Great for weight loss too.

5) Strawberry, Lemon, Water, Mint

Strawberry, cucumber,lemon & mint detox water

This detox water is packed with punch of Vitamin C and is refreshing.

Strawberries are anti aging. Thanks to different vitamins in berries that helps to restore the skin’s elasticity.

6) Few slices of Lemon, Water, fresh lemon juice

Lemon and Detox water

My all time favorite is chilled water squeezed with lemon. Add some fresh lemon juice to water for an extra tangy kick!

Drinking this daily will help to detox.
Its citrusy, super hydrating and so cool.
Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C which also helps the skin to stay younger, make your skin more firm and supple.

Follow any of the recipes as above or just add fruits/herbs of your choice and don’t forget to refrigerate for few hours before you hit that healthy drink.

Also make sure you drink the fruit infused water on same day or within few hours after you make it. Don’t keep it for the next day; throw away the left over drink as I have observed that water turns bitter, tastes sour or might get acidic as the fruit ripens.

The home made fruit flavored water is Natural, nutritious and amazing way to Detox, keeps you hydrated and is great for internal cleansing.

Drink IT ! Not just your body but your skin will thank you too.

This Magic potion is my part of my life now and I am loving this tasty, tangy thingy and several excellent health benefits it offers. 

Now Next time someone asks me ‘what’s your poison’, You know what would be my response right..? 😉

Any other interesting tips you would like to share? Would love to hear from you.

Enjoy and stay Hydrated 🙂

Cheers !
J ♥



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