Gentlemen Wear This! What your clothes say about you.

Hola !

Okay Girls! We always talk about Shopping, Sale, Shoes, Clothes & bags.
Enough about us!

Let’s talk about Men. Yes Men! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.. Right?!;)
But it’s high time we talked about Men’s fashion.

WOMEN on the first date, usually plans weeks before the date about the look, are too worked up, literally spends sleepless nights wondering what to wear, take extra efforts to look good and Go shopping for the special occasion.

MEN, On the other hand are way to casual, are not much worried and don’t usually dress to impress the woman.

Below are the 4 types of Men based on the way they dress up and this is what is our first impression as Woman when we see them:

What your clothes say about you?

1) Blue Jeans and Black shirt and sneakers :
These are the most common species 😉 These kinds of guys are laid back; they probably have this one outfit in the wardrobe forever which they wear it on all the occasions. It’s good if you are comfortable in it but jeans & black shirt on first date are a bit lazy. It would be nice if you are little savvy and pick a cool trouser instead of your favorite jeans.

Also Wearing sneakers or sports shoes on jeans thumbs down and not a good idea.

2) Suit and tie on a weekend dinner date:


Wearing a suit on the Saturday night? It’s not your Board meeting, so there is no need to be so formal.
Just chill and loosen up 🙂

3) Funky trouser and a floral or printed shirt :
These kinds of guys are probably fun or quirky types.  If you are able to carry it well, then great for you. But you might come across as someone with a too casual attitude.  It also might be little distracting for a girl to look at your printed shirt unless you are intelligent enough to keep the girl engaged in your conversation.

4) Nice Black trousers and button-down shirt:


This one is always a winner. It’s not too casual, not too formal. Pair it with
right shoes to compliment. This look is sharp and crisp and just perfect for the occasion. These are the kind of men who knows what looks best on them.

And Yes! it’s important to smell good, the way you smell is the best way to make great first impression. But please, please do not wear too strong deodorant or cologne. It’s totally a turn off and makes you look loud. So please avoid it and wear a right cologne!

In the end it’s important to be yourself when you are meeting that special someone and there shouldn’t be any dos and don’ts, but there is no harm in following some basic rules. After all it’s about making a solid first impression and as they say first impressions are lasting ones! 🙂


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J ♥


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  1. Alhad Phadnis says:

    Wonderful tips to be a perfect S. W. A. G
    I like it 👍👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. khusshii says:

      Thank you! 🙂 Hope it helps next time you go on a date 😉


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