Shoe Fetish!

Men can never understand why women buy so many shoes and our love for it.

Well we women need a lot more shoes than you guys do.

Unlike men who would like to pair that one black shoes with every outfit, We women need more than a dozen pairs of shoes to complete the wardrobe.

Shoe fetish

We needs shoes for every occasion and mood. Shoes as per the season and outfit.
Apart from formal shoes, there are party shoes, weekend shoe’s, boots, sandals, trainers, pumps, flip flops and the list goes on.

Shoe fetish

Not to forget those super high heels; no matter how much it hurts but we still love wearing them. Because we believe life is short, heels shouldn’t be.

Best thing about shoes is that unlike clothes, it never matters if we have gained those few pounds; it still fits in perfectly.


So keep your head, heels and standard high ladies!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Liz says:

    Great shoes. Absolutely adore those black and white leggings. So so cute! ❤


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