5 Reasons to love Street shopping!

Shopping is cheaper than seeing a psychiatrist.

Happiness is Shopping till you drop. Shopping has also been proven to be extremely therapeutic for women relieving stress.

Be it Online shopping, mall shopping, street shopping or Window shopping,We woman just  love shopping.

Though I love all types of shopping; street shopping is favorite & below are the Top 5 reasons why :

1.The art of Bargaining
Yes ladies! Bargaining is an art.
Bargain shopping can be fun and exciting.
Best thing about the street shopping is that you can shamelessly bargain with the shopkeepers.

2. Best deals
You don’t have to wait for the festive season or clearance sale to get great offers or discounts.
We can get the best deals and price anytime while street shopping and go back home with a smile .


3. Latest fashion trends
We can find latest fashionable stuff on street shops which you get in your favorite store or mall.

Street shopping

4. Fun
Street shopping is more about fun. Carelessly strolling around with friends and enjoying the colorful market & people is bliss.

Street shopping

5. More for less
You can buy more for less as the stuff found on the street shops is not very expensive as they offer affordable price range

This makes Street shopping lot of fun and gives actual pleasure of shopping !


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  1. Amadi Daily says:

    Love your style thanks for sharing cheers, AmadiDaily.com

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