Music Therapy! 10 song lyrics to beat the blues

Well, We all go through bad days, sometimes wake up in the morning not feeling too good about ourselves. 

There are Days when we are going thru negative emotions, rejection, self doubt and fear of failure.

These are the day’s when we look for some inspiration around to lift up the spirit, to escape from the reality.

Music is one such great stress buster. As The “Music Listening Releases harmone called Dopamine” according to Study

Music can be used to escape negative thoughts as well as painful memories. It relieves emotional stress by 90%.
Humans have a strong relationship with music because of the way that music affects our feelings, our thinking, and our emotional state.


Studies have shown Listening to music for an hour every day can reduce chronic pain and depression.

Good music can provide you little pick me up when you are distressed.

Here’s my Top 10 song quotes to lift your spirits:

1. “You are beautiful in every single way. Words cannot bring you down.” – Christina Aguilera 

2. “It’s amazing what you can hide just by putting on a smile” – Demi Lovato

3. “There’s always gonna be another mountain, I’m always gonna wanna make it move. Always gonna be a uphill battle, Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose.”- The Climb by Miley Cyrus

4. “You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine/ Just own the night like the fourth of July,‘Cause baby, you’re a firework. Come on, show ’em what you’re worth” – Firework, by Katy Perry

5.”There’s just one life to live and there’s no time to wait, to waste” – Demi Lovato


6.”It’s a beautiful day / Don’t let it get away” – Beautiful Day, by U2

7. “Change the game, don’t let the game change you”- Macklemore.

8. “When the moment gets tough you’ve got keep going.” – Pitbull.

9. “I’ll spread my wings, and I’ll learn how to fly. I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky.” – Kelly Clarkson

10. “In every life we have some trouble But when you worry you make it double. Don’t worry, be happy – Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin

So next time you are feeling down and out, just turn the volume up 🙂


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